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Expert training

An Expert Training course comprises up to three days. It puts a strong focus on the latest developments in specific diagnostic areas, such as MRA, MR Cardiac, Neurological, Abdominal and Orthopaedic MR.

These are master classes for experienced radiologists, radiographers and MRI technologists. They upgrade the knowledge of MRI, with help of clinical cases, leading to direct results in machine handling, improved diagnostic capabilities and wider MR knowledge.

For example:

» On site Expert Training on MRA 2 days
» RF pulse sequences and parameter optimisation

A special component in these Expert Training series is a technical course on Image Quality: RF pulse sequences and parameter optimisation. EMRIC will explain and discuss the interactions and dependancies between specific scan parameters. This will lead to a broader knowledge and understanding of how parameters can be manipulated to gain optimum results for you and your team.

Our Mission

Making team work around the MR engaging, simple & succesful. Reducing scan time and improving image quality.

We combine consultancy with hands-on training and education to improve workflow and operational performance.

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